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I enjoy blogging about a lot of things. K-pop, Naruto, News, LOTR, Harry Potter, etc. You can call me Emmy, I'm 18, and I will always be open to asks.



dude is a gender neutral term if you think differently you are wrong





My favorite thing about tumblr is following peoples personal storylines. Like when somebody I follow finally goes on a date with the person they like or comes out to their best friend or finishes a huge homework assignment I am literally on the couch pumping my fist and being really happy for them




dragons are mentioned in almost all cultures all across the world even before they had interaction with each other and you’re telling me they didn’t exist

→ Anonymous whispered : What's the relationship like between The Irish and The Scottish.


Imagine two best friends, they’re practically brothers. They have a fuck tonne in common and go out drinking all the time. But, they have one subject that brings them to a pile on the floor trying to knock each other’s teeth out.

That subject being who hates England more.


Attack on Titan doing Ice bucket challenge.

Mikasa: does it to show Eren her wet body
Eren: Screams entire time
Armin: No wait I changed my mind! *Gets soaked*
Annie: *punches person before they pour bucket on her*
Bertholdt: Sweats during and afterwards.
Reiner: No reaction
Jean: smiles at Marco during
Marco: smiles at Jean during
Christa: does cute high pitch squeals
Ymir: too distracted and turned on by Christa's squeals to notice the bucket pouring on her
Sasha & Connie: YOLO BRO! *dive into a pool of ice cold water*